About us

Our Office specialises explicitly in company, commercial and competition law.

Our aim is to serve our clients at the highest professional standard. Our office provides a pleasant environment and our colleagues are at your disposal with their wide legal skills and using state-of-the-art technology.

Our main area of business is commercial law, such as setting up companies, representation during administrative procedures, preparation of contracts relating to commerce, their assessment, preparing contracts for franchises and their manuals (representation of the transferring and the receiving party) fostering foreign franchise administrators’ access to the Hungarian market, and Hungarian franchise administrators’ access to foreign markets, advice and assessment of contracts for the franchisee, representation during legal proceedings, issuing legal statements and representation before authorities in competition and advertisement law. We also deal with real estate law and their criminal aspects.



Our office prepares contracts and documents also in Italian and English, and provides for legal representation of foreigners in Hungary. We have partner law firms in almost every country in order to guarantee to our clients a similar high level of service and trust.


Civil law

Judicial and extrajudicial legal proceedings, marriage and child claims, breaches of rights relating to personality rights and copyright protection, as well as ADDITIONAL DISCIPLINES HERE…

Labour law

General advice to employers and employees, legal representation in judicial and extrajudicial proceedings, preparation of internal labour regulations, auditing of firms in terms of labour (due diligence) ADDITIONAL DISCIPLINES HERE…

Economic and Commercial law

In particular setting up of companies, preparation of and legal opinion on contracts, representation of foreign companies in Hungary, legal assistance in expanding Hungarian companies to the international market, ADDITIONAL DISCIPLINES HERE…

Criminal law

Protection of victims/accused party in criminal matters, legal representation in infringement cases, legal representation of foreigners in criminal proceedings (mainly in Italian and English) ADDITIONAL DISCIPLINES HERE…

Our Office is a member of the the Budapest Bar Association of Lawyers. We took out a third-party liability insurance with the Insurance and Aiding Association of the Hungarian Lawyers. This website was made according to the statement No. 2/2001. (IX. 3) on the content of the webpage of lawyers issued by the Bureau of the Hungarian Bar Association. Accordingly, the content accessible on these pages shall not constitute either an offer nor an invitation to an offer in the legal sense. The website is intended solely to provide information on the Internet for the Visitor about the operation and some basic elements of the activities of the Law Firm Dr Magyari Horváth, which enables them to make an informed choice of the legal representative, who will be solving their legal problem.

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